Wednesday, December 31, 2008

H.R. Giger Collection

H.R. Giger is of course the Swiss artist who did the design of the alien in the Alien film series. He's also done album covers for ELP, Blondie and others.

I have three of these limited Japanese Zippos - numbered limited edition - although I have two of the same one for some reason. Click on any image to see the full sized photo.

Here's the first one:

This is the second one:

And here is the third, same type as the first:

Tops of the boxes, showing catalog numbers:

Sides of the boxes:

Each lighter is packaged with this book published by Taschen:


  1. Hi there spike

    I am writing you from Ireland. And this might be a long shot, but I am really looking for one of these Zippo lighters, any help where I could get one of them?


  2. Anybody there???


  3. just one question, where in the world I can get one of those? dude are totally and simply amazing, of course is not rare see this quality in design when the name registered in the box is HR Giger, I want to bring fire to my cigarette with one of those.
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  4. BESITZE EIN H.R. GIGER ALIEN LANDSCAPE ZIPPO No.449b (Detail) 1981 limited Edition
    könnte mich davon trennen!!!???

  5. Ich interessiere mich für ein solches. Wie hoch ist der preis?

  6. I have one of these for sales :)

    1. How much? How do i reach you